Jag heter Lena och har starat den här kenneln tillsammans med min äldsta son Rasmus.Det hela började när vår blandras tik Saga gick bort och vi skulle skaffa en ny hund och hittade Azalea på blocket. Hon bodde i närheten och vi åkte och hälsade på henne. Hon bestämde att vi skulle ha henne och hon stal våra hjärtan. Sen dess har det bara funnits kuvasz hos oss.

My name is Lena Ahlqvist, I have Kennel Fehér Azálea together with my son Rasmus Westlund.

I work as an operationsnurse at Animal ArtroClinic an orthopedic clinic for dogs and cats and Rasmus works as a constructor.

I grow up with dogs, we had a couple of foxterriers, and after that a shetland sheepdog, and when i moved to my own place i bought a Collie named Ayla.

I have always loved all kinde of animals, so there have been a couple of them, dogs cats horses hens and cows.

We had a golden/newfounland mix called Saga and when she passed away I met my first Kuvasz. It was a 3 yeras old bitch named Azalea who needed a new home. I had no idea of what kind of dog she was but that i quite soon got awere of. But she stole my heart. Unfortunataly she got sick so we had to take her away when she was 6 years old. Then we bougt Einar a 6 month old male from kennel Czaruso. The breeder of kennel Czaruso made me go to some dog shows and I absolutly loved it. Very soon little puppy Famous Fighter arrived to our family.

My son Rasmus decided to bye his own Kuvasz , so we went to Johan and piced up Czaruso Hope, a beatiful bich wich we are co owners to. When Rasmus moved to his own place, an took Hope with him I went to Johan again and got Czaruso Ilia, a sweet little bich wich we also are co owners to.

Now both Hope and Ilia lives here , because Rasmus, met Hannah, who stole HIS heart and she had a big boy named Glad, and after a while they got Jamie ,both of them also from kennel Czaruso

I have all the time been interested in our breed, aboute the lines, mentality, and deseases, so me an Johan have has a close contact, and he has been and still is the best mentor you can have. So throug that we decided that i shall take a litter, my first litter after Hope.

My ideal kuvasz is a healthy well built good looking dog with a good mentality, a dog who can live in a family but still has the characteristics that the kuvasz shall have, the guard and its independet way to be. That is my goal in my breeding

Now we looking forwards to our first litter and continued cooperation with Johan Gustavsson and kennel czaruso and all the other breeders in the world so we kan make beatiful healty plesant dogs

My greetings to all kuvasz owners over the world is that you can never get at better friend and guardian then your kuvasz, the best breed ever Best of luck to you all

Sincerely Lena Ahlqvist Kennel Fehér Azálea

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